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To get more details 瀏覽賽事詳情

Schedule 行事曆 Gear 裝備 Rules 比賽規則 Safety 安全指引 Prizes 獎項

Recommended Gear

• Race number bib

• Capacity to carry at least 1.5 litres of water (water bladder or water bottles)

• Energy bars / food portions

• Mobile phone

• Whistle

• Compass

• Anti-chafing cream

• Sunscreen

• Sun glasses

• Cap or sun hat

• Spare clothing

• First aid kit (sterile dressings, roll of strapping tape, blister care patches, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, and any relevant personal medications)

• Hiking poles

Drop Bags

  1. Participants can leave one bag at the finish.  Ensure that the bags are tagged with the correct baggage tags provided.
  2. Participants must collect their drop bags at the finish either by themselves or by a representative.  Any bags not collected at this time may be disposed of.
  3. Please note that the race organisers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any items in the drop bags.  Participants are advised not to leave any valuable items in the bags.




•能量棒 / 食糧









•救護包(消毒紗布、包紮帶、水泡貼、消毒紙巾、止痛藥等、以及任何適 當的個人藥品)




2.參加者必須親身或委託他人於終點領回寄存之行李包。未取回的行李包, 主辦機構將自行處置。

3.敬請注意,行李包內物件如有任何損失或損毀,賽事主辦機構概不負責。 參加者不宜在行李包內放置任何貴重物品。

Gear 裝備