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HK Top 10

“HK Top 10” is a mountain running race that takes place in Lantau Island  and New Territories.  The race has two stages to cove the ten highest peaks in Hong Kong. The race courses cover some of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong including ancient forests, nature trails, steep hills, monasteries, gorges and major peaks. Both race courses start from sea level and  involves a total elevation gain of over 3,000 meters.  This is a unique, challenging and beautiful run for the outdoor enthusiast and a chance to take part in an unforgettable event.  Join us and make a record for yourself to reach all the high peaks!

「香港十大高峰挑戰賽」是一項在大嶼山及新界舉辦的野外遠足競賽。比賽共設有兩個階段,參 加者要登上全港最高的十座山峰。賽事沿途經過多個風景區,包括古木樹林、自然遠足徑、陡險 山徑、寺廟,山澗及各主要山峰。賽事起點都設在水平線,而賽程累積登高路程超過3,000米。 「香港十大高峰挑戰賽」是一個獨特及附挑戰性的山野活動,必將為參加者帶來難忘經歷,熱愛 户外活動人仕萬勿錯過,請即報名,登上全港最高的山峰!

Date︰                      25 January 2014

Area︰                      Lantau Island

Start︰                      Pak Mon

Finish:                    Ngong Ping

日期︰           2014年1月25日

地點︰           大嶼山

起點︰           白芒

終點︰           昂平

Date︰                      26 January 2014

Area︰                      Tai Mo Shan

Start︰                      Rotary Park, Tsuen Kam

Finish:                    Rotary Park, Tsuen Kam Au

日期︰           2014年1月26日

地點︰           大帽山

起點︰           荃錦凹扶輪公園

終點︰              荃錦凹扶輪公園

Brief Race Info 賽事資料:

Brief Race Info 賽事資料:

2nd Day Race 第二日賽事

Fundraising 籌款

This event is a fundraising event and the beneficiary organization is  Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association (HKTSA). The fund raised from the event will go to support their programmes to promote and organize different sport activities for the people who have undergone organ transplantation in order to develop their potential, and to provide a more positive and optimistic view towards their life. They also develop different programmes to make the general public to be more aware about organ donation. Visit for more information.

是次活動為一個慈善籌款活動。所有捐款會直接捐給「香港移植運動協會」 ,而善款會有作協助「香港移植運動協會」去發展、推廣及組織曾經接受器 官移植人士參與體育活動;務求令其再展潛能,更積極和樂觀地面對人生。 亦藉此向大眾宣揚器官捐贈之訊息及器官移植的知識。可瀏覽 獲得更多關於「香港移植運動協會」的資料。

Event Ambassador 活動大使

HKTSA Details 詳細資料 Details 詳細資料

Mr. Chung Kin Man

The first Hong Kong People reached 7 continental summits, South Pole and North Pole


首位香港人成功攀登七大州最高峰及徙步到達南北極極 點,完成7+2壯舉

Organizer 主辦機構
Beneficiary 受惠機構
Supporting Organizations 支持機構
Sponsors 贊助商 
Official Nutrition Sponsor
Official Equipment Sponsor
Main Sponsor 主要贊助商

HK Top 10 香港十大高峰挑戰賽

1st Day Race 第一日賽事